Pushing Chunked Data to DDFSΒΆ

ddfs chunk data:bigtxt /path/to/bigfile.txt


If the local /path/to/bigfile.txt is in the current directory, you must use ./bigfile.txt, or another path containing / chars, in order to specify it. Otherwise ddfs will think you are specifying a tag.

The creation of chunks is record-aware; i.e. chunks will be created on record boundaries, and ‘ddfs chunk’ will not split a single record across separate chunks. The default record parser breaks records on line boundaries; you can specify your own record parser using the reader argument to the ddfs.chunk function, or the -R argument to ddfs chunk.

The chunked data in DDFS is stored in Disco’s internal format, which means that when you read chunked data in your job, you will need to use the disco.worker.task_io.chain_reader. Hence, as is typical, if your map tasks are reading chunked data, specify map_reader=disco.worker.task_io.chain_reader in your job.