Get Disco

Latest release

Get one of the official releases and follow the installation instructions after downloading the package.

Development branches

Clone a bleeding edge version from github:

git clone git://

If compiling from source, you cannot use the zip or tar.gz packages generated by github, but must instead get the git repo using the above command.

Debian packages

If you use Debian or a Debian-based distribution such as Ubuntu, on the AMD64 architecture, you can just apt-get install Disco. Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb /

After running apt-get update, you can install the disco-master package to your master node. If you run Disco in a cluster, you should install the disco-node package to other nodes. The python-disco package is required on all machines where Disco scripts are run.

After installation, see steps 4-6 in Setting up Disco that describe how to configure and test Disco.

Following distributions are supported

  • python-disco works on Debian stable (Lenny) and newer
  • disco-master and disco-node work on Debian testing (Squeeze) and newer
  • All packages should work on recent Ubuntu releases

This means that Debian stable can be used to submit Disco jobs but not to run Disco master or nodes.


Our Debian packages are experimental! They may not play nicely with other packages or they may destroy your computer.

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