disco – Disco command line utility

disco is a fully-Python startup/configuration script which supports several exciting features. The new startup script makes it even easier to get up and running with a Disco cluster.


This is the manpage for the disco command. Please see Setting up Disco for more information on installing Disco.


The documentation assumes that the executable $DISCO_HOME/bin/disco is on your system path. If it is not on your path, you can add it:

ln -s $DISCO_HOME/bin/disco /usr/bin

If /usr/bin is not in your $PATH, use an appropriate replacement. Doing so allows you to simply call disco, instead of specifying the complete path.

Run disco help for information on using the command line utility.

See also

The ddfs command.

See disco.settings for information about Disco settings.

Job History

For commands which take a jobname, or which support -j, the special arguments @ and @?<string> are replaced by the most recent job name and the most recent job with name matching <string>, respectively.

For example:

disco results @

Would get the results for the most recent job, and:

disco results @?WordCount

Would get the results for the last job with name containing WordCount.