disco.error – Errors with special meaning in Disco

exception disco.error.CommError(msg, url, code=None)

An error caused by the inability to access a resource over the network.

exception disco.error.DataError(msg, url, code=None)

An error caused by an inability to access a data resource.

These errors are treated specially by Disco master in that they are assumed to be recoverable. If Disco thinks an error is recoverable, it will retry the task on another node. If the same task fails on several different nodes, the master may terminate the job.

exception disco.error.DiscoError

The base class for all Disco errors

exception disco.error.JobError(job, message)

An error that occurs when an invalid job request is made. Instances of this error have the following attributes:


The disco.job.Job for which the request failed.


The error message.